Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One reason why my husband is super awesome

Today is my 26th birthday! Everyone always says I look younger than I am (thank you!) and at work they were joking with me saying it was my 19th birthday. I love birthdays!

For birthdays, my husband and I always decorate with streamers and birthday banners and such. So last night around 9pm, Charles told me that I was banished to the bedroom while he "got some things done". It gave me a chance to read and relax before bed. I woke up early this morning (I still get really excited for birthdays and major holidays...enough that I can't sleep as well). I came downstairs and it was all decorated. He put streamers around the banister and on the chandelier. He did a very good job! When I went into the kitchen, he had a muffin on a plate under the cake stand top with a note on it. It said to look in the fridge for another part of my birthday breakfast. When I opened the fridge, there were chocolate covered strawberries! Like he melted the chocolate and dipped the strawberries in himself. He is the best! Now I'm going to have to think of something super awesome for his birthday in June.

Tonight we'll be going out to dinner and enjoying some delicious cake! We'll probably watch a movie or something like that since there isn't much to do on a Wednesday night when you have to work the next day. I'm sure there will be more celebrating this weekend.

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