Thursday, February 2, 2012

Birthday Re-cap

I had a wonderful 26th birthday, even if I had to work. Here's a re-cap of the day:

Of course, you already know that my husband made me homemade chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast and decorated with banners and streamers.

My manager brought in muffins for my birthday. Yum!

For dinner, we went to The Golden Jersey Inn at Young's Dairy. I went there once before when my parents came to visit and I really enjoyed their food. Charles and I enjoyed an appetizer of fried cheese curds; if you have never heard of cheese curds, they are like balls of cheese, so when you fry them it's like fried mozzarella sticks. Very tasty! They also give you pumpkin bread, applesauce and coleslaw at dinner. I ordered a steak with mashed potatoes and gravy and cinnamon apples. It was all very good! I really should eat there more often.

When we came home, I opened my presents. I had told Charles he didn't need to get me anything since my birthday present was flying down to South Carolina at the end of the month. But he got me some presents anyway. Who can complain? I received some candy (including Haribo Happy Cola gummies), fruit snacks, a long mirror and a shirt. My in-laws also gave me a gift card, candy and a Yankee Candle. I used to work at Yankee Candle and I think this was the first time anyone had given me a Yankee Candle. I'm burning it right now and it smells very good; they gave me Vanilla Cupcake.

Then I got to enjoy some very yummy birthday cake from Cake, Hope & Love. They actually posted a picture of my birthday cake on Facebook yesterday. I thought that was pretty cool!

And then we finished off the evening by watching Sixteen Candles.

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