Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Days 1 & 2

I have officially started my new job! I started on Monday which was kind of chaotic because 1) end of the month and 2) they are working on a big database project. So, yesterday I felt pretty useless, which is pretty normal for a first day. I wrote a lot of receipts for rent checks, so I'm a pro at that now.

Today was a little better. I helped file and pull files. I shadowed on two different tours. And I got more familiarized with various tasks. I also met a nice couple who moved in today. I was so close to asking if the wife wanted to be my friend. She seemed really nice and similar to me (this is all based on a 5 minute conversation, so you just never know). Of course I didn't because that would be pretty nerdy.

I'm really enjoying the job so far, even though I have not even begun to get the full grasp of what I'm doing. Since there is so much to do, the days have been going by fast.

For Halloween, Charles and I did basically nothing outside of the usual. It was at the first year we've had trick or treaters. We bought 5 big bags of candy and ran out after the 1st hour. We had set aside a few pieces of our favorites, but Charles gave those out. I think he felt bad for the kids. Usually we have all ingredients on hand to make a variety of desserts, but we haven't gone full grocery shopping in a couple of weeks, so we were limited to no bake cookies. So we celebrated Halloween by handing out candy, watching the Sing-Off on NBC and eating no bake cookies (we were really lazy and just ate the mixture out of the bowl).

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