Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wedding Reception

Today I will share some photos from my wedding reception. Our reception hall was the perfect place! It's right on the water and the room was the perfect size. We considered one place in downtown Charleston, but parking probably would have been an issue. The reception hall is a town building and they only take reservations for it one day out of the year. So if you want that hall for your wedding, you have to be there on that day and stand in line and hope no one in front of you wants your date. My mom called me the day before and said she heard a lot of people were camping out and asked if I wanted to do that. I didn't. We got there at 8am and there were probably about 30 people ahead of us in line. No one else even wanted an October date, so I'm really glad I didn't camp out.

For each of these posts it has been so hard to narrow down what photos I want to use because we have so many to choose from.

Instead of a traditional guest book, I got a bunch of scrapbook paper, stickers and pens and had guests make a scrapbook page. Not nearly everyone made one, but we got some really neat pages from the guests that did make one. I loved having this instead of a regular guest book because people could use their creativity and use as much space as they wanted.
Fetching the garter...I thought it was funny when Charles did this
My beautiful bouquet
My gift to Charles was Scrabble cufflinks--one had a K and one had a C. We play Scrabble together quite a bit. I've only won once in the nearly 7 years that we've known each other.
Our reception was catered by Sticky Fingers, a BBQ place that started in Mt. Pleasant. My favorite sauce is Carolina Classic, a mustard based sauce. I normally hate mustard, but this sauce is the exception. We had ribs, BBQ chicken, pulled pork and delicious sides.
A close up of some of the scrapbook pages
Our cake was DELICIOUS (and pricey)! We only checked out one cake shop, but that's OK. We had three layers. The bottom was chocolate, the middle was red velvet and the top was coconut cake. It was covered with chocolate buttercream and the fall leaves. I had seen a picture very similar to this on the Knot and knew that's what I wanted my cake to look like. I love our cake topper. It sits on our "wedding shelf" in our living room. I actually had to replace it after we moved was the only casualty from the move.
Our reception hall had a porch around the building, so I got these cute lanterns (on sale) at Yankee Candle. They looked great! I think the candle inside is Sicilian Orange, which YC doesn't carry anymore.
This was the centerpiece on all the tables. Charles and I found the metal pumpkins at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Linens and Things. They were on sale, so we got them. We scattered the leaves and acorns around them. It looked great on the yellow buttercream colored tablecloths.
Another closeup of my bouquet. So beautiful!
We ended up having a bar at the wedding even though both sets of my grandparents are opposed to drinking. We also had a signature drink. We originally wanted a pumpkin martini, but we got some pumpkin liqueur and it was disgusting. So we ended up having an Apple Pie a la Mode; we didn't try it before we decided on it. It was OK, but not amazing.
Charles' boutonniere
Our favors were bottles of Vermont Maple Syrup. We still have one bottle sitting on our wedding shelf.

The Winthrop boys
Me and some of my Alpha Omega sisters
Our getaway car was my mother-in-law's. The boys decorated it really well. On the front, they put an Elmo pinata. I think my in-laws still have it at their house. The day after our wedding, we flew to Germany for our honeymooon (I'll post about that soon), so the morning after we had to clean up all the streamers and such before my in-laws picked it up. They still had to drive it around with all the words painted on the car. I'm sure they enjoyed that.
Those cornbread muffins are amazing, but they don't list them on the menu. If you go into Sticky Fingers, ask for them and they will bring you some.
I asked Charles numerous times before the wedding not to smash cake in my face. He obviously didn't listen. He got it in my nose so the rest of the evening I could smell chocolate buttercream (not a bad thing at all). I tried to get him back but I wasn't very successful.
Me and my little...she caught the bouquet. I made a faux bouquet for the bouquet toss so she could keep it. She got married last month!
We debated for a while about what people would toss at us as we left the reception. Charles really wanted everyone to throw marshmallows at us (I's totally weird and random), but I agreed. It wasn't very fun being pelted with marshmallows, but it made Charles happy. :)

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