Sunday, September 18, 2011

A to Z about me!

Me and Charles
 A. Age: 25, but I still feel a lot younger than that.
B. Bed size: Queen
C. Chore that you hate: Folding my husband's t-shirts. He basically lives in t-shirts when he's not at work and I get tired of folding them.
D. Dogs: We do not have any, although we considered adopting a Greyhound. We still want to, but finances and life keep getting in the way.
E. Essential start to your day: Eating something...sometimes this doesn't really happen until I've been up for a few hours.
F. Favorite color: Pink, yellow and green
G. Gold or silver: Silver
H. Height: 5'7"
I. Instruments you play: Does the RockBand guitar count as an instrument? ha ha. Even that I only play on Easy.
J. Job Title: Housewife. I am looking to be an Administrative Assistant, but haven't had any luck so far.
K. Kids: None and probably will stay that way
L. Live: Dayton, OH
M. Mother's name: Dani
N. Nicknames: my husband calls me Sweetie and Beautiful, but no one else really has any nicknames for me. I love nicknames.
O. Overnight hospital stays: Maybe as a baby, but none that I remember
P. Pet peeves: I like the books on the bookshelf to be in order of height. My husband knows this and will sometimes put them out of order just to bug me.
 Q. Quote from a movie: I don't know any off the top of my head, but I love the quote from Gilmore Girls that I put on a canvas for my half-bath. "It's like my life isn't even real to me unless you're there and you're in it and I'm sharing it with you."
R. Right or left handed: Right handed

S. Siblings: I have two younger sisters, Courtney and Delaney. I miss spending time with them.
Buckeye cupcake from Cake, Hope, and Love
T. Thirst quencher: I usually drink water, but I love Juicy Juice Punch.
U. Underwear: Always. :)
V. Veggie you hate: A lot of them... I'm a picky eater.
W. What makes you run late: Waiting on other people. Usually, if it's only up to me, I'm always early or on time. I'm pretty much only going to be late if I'm at the mercy of someone else who is late.
X. X-rays you've had: I think the last X-ray I had was for my teeth, which led to me getting my wisdom teeth out. Ugh!
Y. Yummy food: I love anything chocolate. All I want to eat right now is a cupcake (even though I had two this weekend from Cake, Hope, and Love--delicious!).

Z. Zoo animal: Polar bears!

Thanks Truly Lovely for posting these questions!


  1. Yay Kristen! Thanks for linking up! First off... I LOVE Rock Band! So fun! And second... I am SO gonna think of a nickname for you! You need one.

  2. So I typed up a comment and I think it got lost... This is a test comment to see.... haha

  3. Thanks for posting questions! I love doing those types of things.