Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Here's another round of Hoo Are You from Night Owl Crafting

1. Do you prefer sweet or salty foods?
Sweet foods all the way... however, it is nice to mix them once in a while.

2. Name your three best personality traits.
People always tell me that I am genuine, which I take as a very big compliment. I am loyal. And I am very considerate of others.

3. Name your three worst personality traits.
Hmmm...I can be a perfectionist. I can be controlling when I want things done a certain way (I am aware of this and work hard not to let this come out very much). And I can be a people pleaser (this one is mostly negative towards myself)

4. Do you collect anything?
I collect buttons. This weekend I found a mason jar of buttons and got those to add to my collection. I'm very excited to pour them out on the floor (in a room with the door shut so the kitties can't eat them) and see all the colors and various types of buttons I got.

5. What is your favorite season of the year?
It's a tie between spring and fall. Each spring, I think spring is my favorite and then fall comes around and I feel like that's my favorite. I love the newness of everything in the spring. I love the sunshine and warm weather coming back. I love all the flowers blooming. And in the fall, I love the way the air smells. I love the cool weather after an unbearable summer. I love decorating for fall. My anniversary is in the fall.

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