Friday, September 9, 2011

Breath of fresh air

For the weekend, I am back in South Carolina. I drove down yesterday, which was a long 8 hours in the car by myself. But as soon as I hit familiar territory, it was like a breath of fresh air. It's nice to be "home." I'm crashing at my friend Cheryl's house which is a great way for us to catch up. We're both kind of crappy friends and never call each other. Neither of us like talking on the phone. It's interesting that we're both kind of going through the same things...just in slightly different ways. It felt depressingly reassuring.

Tonight we're having dinner with some of our fellow Alpha Omega alumni. It's always a struggle to get a large group together because everyone has such busy schedules. But I think there will be about 7 ladies, in total. If all 7 show up, that's the best crowd I've gotten besides at major events.

And tomorrow our friend Morganne is getting married! I'm hoping for yummy cake. Doesn't that sound like a fat kid kind of thing to say? But besides the whole wedding thing, the cake is usually one of the best things about going to a wedding. ha ha

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