Thursday, August 18, 2011

I've been racking (wracking?) my brain all day to think of what to put on my Wednesday Wishlist. (And, actually, I almost forgot to write it). I've decided to post some pictures of houses that I think are really cute (from a Google images search of "cute houses"). I am not a home owner and I am very jealous of my friends that are. I cannot wait to have my own house where I can stay longer than a year, paint the walls, and really make it my own.

Last summer when we went to CT, we saw some really beautiful houses in the Hartford area. However, it seemed like they were in the sketchy part of town. Even here in Dayton, I've seen some really cute houses (they just need a little TLC), but the area doesn't seem that great. It's a shame. I've told Charles that if I were a millionaire, I would want to re-do houses and old factory buildings and such.
I love all the details!
Reminds me of the houses near Winthrop University. I miss that place

I included this one because it was the B&B we stayed at in Waterbury, VT. It's for sale now. If only I were a millionaire...And it is across the street from a beautiful white farmhouse that overlooked the mountains, which at the time was for sale. I wanted to pack up and move into that house so badly.
Another Waterbury, VT home. We loved it there and almost moved there
Someday I want a yellow house. I don't think Charles will go for that, but a girl can dream. I love the porch on this one.

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