Monday, July 18, 2011

My least favorite things

All things must be balanced, so now I'll be sharing some of my least favorite things.

1). Be too far away from all my friends. I don't have a ton of friends and I'm actually not super close to most of them, but it's nice to be able to drive a few hours to see them instead of 8+. It makes it a lot harder to get everyone together.

2). Job searching. It's so demoralizing when you can't find exactly what you're looking for or you don't have all the experience for the jobs that sound interesting. I'm applied for tons of jobs and heard zilch back. It's getting old.

3). White tennis shoes. It's one of those completely unexplainable things, but I greatly dislike white tennis shoes...especially on guys.

4). Exercising. My husband wishes this were one of my most favorite things, but I just don't like it. I do it now and then to make him happy. I just don't like the sweating that goes along with it. And when I get really hot I turn bright red. It's not attractive.

5). Folding my husband's socks. It's laundry day, so this is on my mind. I refuse to do anything with his socks. I'll fold the rest of his clothes, but he just has so many socks and it seems like each pair is completely different. I just throw them in a pile in the laundry basket. He can deal with them. :)

6). Seafood. Honestly, I haven't actually tried most forms of seafood, but the whole lot grosses me out. I do not want to eat something that has been floating around in the ocean. Do you know what else is floating around in the ocean? Trash, poop, and a whole lot of other things I have no interest in consuming. Plus seafood just smells weird. No thank you!

7). Talking on the phone. My husband jokes that I am afraid of it because I avoid it at all costs. It's another unexplainable dislike of mine. I'd much rather write you a letter.

8). Scary movies. I have no interest in spending 2 hours of my life being scared to death. I watch movies to happily escape real life.

9). Cheap candles. For a long time, I worked at Yankee Candle. They turned me into a candle snob. I hate the way cheap candles smell so fake. I hate that when you burn them you can hardly smell them. I hate wondering if there is lead in the wick (most cheap candles do).

10). When people don't recycle. This especially bothers me in cities/neighborhoods where they provide you with a recycling bin and they pick it up for you. A bunch of people in my neighborhood don't recycle. It's just as easy to put your recycling in the recycling bin as it is to throw it in the trash. Some people have such overflowing trash cans each week. I would feel really horrible having that.

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