Friday, June 17, 2011

The kid question

Naturally, people always ask if we have children. Each time we politely say no. Then, inevitably, they follow up with, "Do you want kids?" And again we politely say "not really." It often feels like we're outsiders in this. It seems normal to want kids, but we just don't. The reasons why I do not want children is:

1) I don't want to be pregnant. I'm sure being pregnant can be wonderful, amazing and beautiful. I just don't want to spend 9 months of my life being deprived of sleep, getting fatter and fatter and who knows what else. Also, the idea of pushing a 6-10 lb human being out of my body disgusts me and freaks me out.

2) I don't want to give up my freedom. I like to be able to go where I want to go when I want to go without having to worry about what to do with the kids. I babysat my cousin's baby once last summer and it was such a hassle just to go somewhere. You have to have the car seat (properly installed), the diaper bag filled to the brim with baby junk, the stroller, etc. One afternoon of that was good enough.

3) It's expensive.

Everyone assumes that eventually we will change our minds. It's kind of annoying because it's as if they know us better than we know ourselves. And there is the chance that we'll change our minds, but I think that will be an act of God if we are actually destined to have children.


  1. I totally understand what you mean. I still think I may have kids some day (a long, long time from now) but every time I think about it, the list of cons always seems to outweigh the pros. It's so hard to think of losing your independence and changing every aspect of your daily life.

    We live in a very different world than previous generations. In the past, it seems like having children wasn't even a choice. It was expected. It's amazing that now we have the power to decide what to do with our lives. Women aren't just baby-makers any more :)


    Just a thought provoking video. Its pretty good.