Thursday, May 26, 2011

End Times?

Yesterday we had a pretty bad storm go through the area. They even had some sirens going off. Charles and I aren't really sure what the sirens mean. Thankfully it wasn't alerting us about any tornadoes. I never want to have to deal with that nonsense. Apparently some areas around us had baseball-sized hail yesterday. We just saw tiny hail. Anyway, it got us thinking about the end times. Part of this thought process is due to a show we're watching on DVD, Supernatural. I forgot to add this TV show to my list of my last post because we are a season behind, so we just watch it on DVD. In the show, the Apocalypse has started and the four horsemen are out and all that fun stuff.

Because of the End Times thought process, Charles and I talked about our life goals and I've come to the conclusion that I already accomplished my life goal. And I'm only 25! Basically my life goal was to get married. I love, love, love being married to Charles, but I realize that's kind of a lame LIFE goal. I graduated college with a degree in Political Science, yet I have NO idea what I want to do with my career life. Sometimes I think maybe I should go back to school for event planning. But then I don't want to. And sometimes I think I should go to school for graphic design. Then I change my mind. At one point I thought I should go to grad school for environmental politics, but again, I changed my mind. I feel like I'm floating through life with no purpose. It is just that there are so many things I could see myself doing for a short period of time, but nothing that I can imagine doing for the long haul. And maybe that's not what jobs and careers have to be about, but it feels wrong to jump from thing to thing to thing.

Back to the end times thought... I wonder if we would know if we were living in the end times. On Supernatural, it seems like most of the people they come across have no idea that it's the Apocalypse. When those books about the rapture were really popular, I read a few of them. But I don't think all the Christians are just going to disappear at the beginning of the end times. I guess we'll never really know until it happens. Until then, you just gotta live your life.

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