Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beer in Hell

On the way home from my run-of-the-mill shopping trip (I went to Target to get shampoo, toilet paper and other such things), I was behind someone with a bumper sticker that said "I hope there's beer in hell." It made me think. I know it's supposed to be funny, but I think the desire for beer in hell will be the least of their worries. I think they would have a better chance of having beer in the afterlife if they were going to Heaven. A lot of uber-conservative Christians might disagree.

On another note, Charles and I have started the adoption process for a Greyhound. It is very much like adopting a child (from what I know about adopting a child). Tonight, we're meeting with the Dayton area representative. The group we're looking to adopt from is based in Cincinnati. She has five Greyhounds so we'll get to see how their personalities can differ and make sure a Greyhound is really the right kind of dog for us. Our biggest concern with adopting a Greyhound is how it will react to the kitties. Greyhounds can have a high prey drive, so if we don't get a laid-back Greyhound it might think the kitties are yummy treats. And we have grown very attached to them, so we don't want anything bad to happen to them.

I've been reading a book about adopting retired racing Greyhounds. The book basically goes over how to train them. Greyhounds are very different from other types of dogs. You have to teach them what windows are. You have to teach them how to walk up and down stairs, if they don't already know. There are so many training steps to take with them. I am not a very good dog trainer. I'm very laid back and my people-pleasing attributes default to letting the dog kind of do what it wants. Plus, it seems so complicated. I'm very curious to find out how the Greyhound lady we're meeting tonight trained her dogs.

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