Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcome to my world

Until I get a job, I'm doing my best to be a great 1950's housewife. OK...not so much like June Cleaver, but a 2011 adaptation. I've been doing the laundry, cleaning (although I haven't done very much of that), mowing the lawn and cooking dinner. It's not a bad life, but I would sure like to put my college degree to some use.

Here's a typical day:
- wake up
- wash dishes from the day before
- eat breakfast while watching a movie
- chores or other various activities around the house
- Charles comes home for lunch!
- eat lunch
- check my email & run errands
- Charles comes home from work
- hang out until it's time to make dinner
- eat
- watch TV or a movie
- get ready for bed and read
- in bed by 11pm

Today, my day has pretty much followed that routine. The weather has been warmer the past few days, except for today where it's back in the 50's. So it was a little chilly when I woke up. I came downstairs and killed about 8-10 ants. We're being invaded despite numerous causalities on their side. This is the cleanest I've ever kept my kitchen, but we're still getting ants. I think it's because we're on the ground floor. The past 2 places we've lived have been on the third floor.

This morning for breakfast I had some chocolate Greek yogurt and a banana. The yogurt is pretty good and fat-free. So I don't feel guilty eating chocolate in the morning. While eating, I watched Alice in Wonderland (the cartoon version). I love that movie. I believe the reason my favorite flower is the daisy is because of this movie. In the beginning, Alice lays in a field of daisies and I've always wanted to do that. Other reasons I love Alice in Wonderland:
- it's funny and entertaining
- I love the scene when she meets all the flowers and they sing her A Golden Afternoon
- I love the tea party scene. I want to have a Mad Hatter party one day--complete with mismatched china and chairs, paper lanterns and an unbirthday cake.
- and I love all the songs

After the movie, I decided to do something productive. I vacuumed the house. I must say that I enjoy vacuuming except for when it comes to stairs. Last time I vacuumed I did not do the stairs, so today I felt like I needed to. It's not that stairs are hard to vacuum; I just hate doing it. Afterward I mowed the lawn. My first lawn mowing experience was last week and it was horrible! The grass had gotten long and bushy in some parts of the yard, so it was very hard to mow. We got the old school kind of mower that doesn't use gas or electricity...just your own strength. So I vowed to never let the grass get that bad again. Today seemed like the perfect day to have another go at it. It's sunny today which is a once-a-week occurrence here. This time was much better! After I finished, I just sat and stared at my job well done (except for a bunch of dandelion stems that are immune to the lawn mower).

Charles came home for lunch which is always nice. But he had to go back to the grind and I decided to set up this blog. Who knows what the rest of my day holds...Until next time!

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