Friday, April 29, 2011

One of those people

I'm turning into one of those people...the ones that get sick a lot. I've been sick 3 times already since January. The first time was right before my birthday and I caught that from my sister. The 2nd time I have no idea what happened. This time I think it's because I haven't gotten good sleep this week and the weather keeps changing. It was cold, then it was warm and now it's colder again. I used to boast that I only got sick once a year (which was generally the truth). At least it's not too bad this time... I'm just feel fatigued and my face is flushed.

On a happy note, we were given a cake by one of our neighbors! I've always wanted to live somewhere where the neighbors give new families baked goods when they move in. I think most of the other families on my street have kids, but my neighbor made it seem like the other wives get together and hang out without the kids from time to time. I'm excited for the potential.

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